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25% of the year is over, what are you doing?

25% of the year is already over. Sounds unreal, isn’t it?

The issue with time is that it never stops, and when you least expect it, it flies. Think about all those times when you needed more time to finish something – an exam paper, a task at the office, filing our IT returns etc. Didn’t it feel like time was flying like anything? Funnily enough, that’s how time works.

Enough talking about the problems. Are we still nowhere near our goals for the year? Here are my top tips and tricks to ensure we move much faster towards our goals, unlike any other year:

  1. Write it down: At the expense of sounding traditional, let this be known that if you can write down your goals with deadlines, it has a much better chance of being implemented. By “writing it down”, I don’t mean literally writing it down on a piece of paper. It can be an app that you use or a whiteboard in front of you. The point is, you need to make sure your body is in sync with your mind when you are setting goals for yourself.
  2. Say it aloud, often: Something I practise personally is that I read out my goals to myself every day; and that too early in the day. What it does is that it helps me set my actions in place for the day, week and month. Reminding myself every day also ensures that my mind knows how badly I am lagging. We all need a self-check mechanism.
  3. Be objective, PLEASE: Something I hate when it comes to goals is SUBJECTIVITY. Want to lose weight? Put down the kgs. against a time frame, you need to lose. Want to start running? Write the number of times/kms you want to run this month. If it can be measured, it can be achieved.

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