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5 Actionable Tips to Have James Bond-like Confidence

No, you aren’t Britain’s favorite spy. And you don’t have to go on a secret mission to save the world. But having that James Bond-like confidence doesn’t hurt, does it? After all, life’s a battle too! Having high confidence can help you unlock opportunities and achieve greater things.

While building confidence isn’t difficult, it is a bit tricky that demands you to take action and, at times, put yourself in uncomfortable positions.

So, if you’re ready to give your life a positive spin and do what it takes to build impenetrable confidence that enables you to win big, follow these 5 tips:

1.Start Exercising

You know this was coming. 😉

As cliché as it may sound, this is the cornerstone of increasing your confidence level. When you work out, it releases endorphins in your body, a feel-good chemical, which puts you in the right frame of mind, hence boosting your esteem and confidence.

So, if you don’t already, start exercising every day. Even 15 minutes can make a big difference in how you act and carry yourself.

2.Listen to good music

This may mean giving up on your favorite sadcore songs for some psychedelics; less of ‘Cigarettes After Sex’ and more of Eminem.

Music is more powerful than so many of us can comprehend. The kind of songs you listen can not only influence the way you feel but also shape your personality.

Give your playlist a hard look. What kind of songs do you listen?

If it’s filled with too many sad, soft and romantic songs, it might be a perfect time to re-shuffle your collection. Jam up more of B.I.G, David Guetta, and other EDM and hip-hop songs.

3.Invest in your skills

Don’t you feel quite confident when doing or speaking on things that you’re good at – on things that you’re passionate about?

A core reason behind the lack of confidence is low self-esteem. You underestimate yourself all the time. You believe that you’re not good enough. And this usually manifests in the way you carry yourself.

Now when you invest in your skills, you basically rewire your brain’s structure from thinking “I am not good enough” to believing “I can do so many things”. And when you believe you can do many things and that you’re good in many things, this enhances your confidence level.

So, start investing in your skills. Learn new things. Learn to speak French, play badminton, code websites, write poems… The more you strive to grow yourself in skills, the more confident you will feel.

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4.Focus on appearance

Recall the last time when you were in your finest clothes. Didn’t you feel different? Didn’t you feel so much better about yourself than your regular days?

That’s because a large part of our confidence is connected to what we think of how others perceive us. If we know that others think we look good, we would automatically feel assertive and even cocky. If we think others think we look bad, it would cripple the way we carry ourselves.

So, start focusing more on your appearance.

Wear good clothes that you’re comfortable in. Spend time in skin and hair care. Read a couple of fashion magazines and a few articles to learn a thing or two how to style yourself.

If you look good, if others think you look good, you will ooze confidence.

5.Find a coach

Many people, even with their best efforts, find it difficult to improve their confidence. If you’re one of them, find a life coach or a therapist.

Sometimes, the reasons behind the lack of confidence can be deep-rooted, which are difficult to do away with. Sometimes the core problem is mental illness, past incidences, bad environment or something else.

Seeking professional help can be the best idea. A good coach or therapist, with proper guidance and activities, can help you navigate out of the core problems and build confidence much more strategically.


Of course, there are many other micro and macro things you can do to boost your confidence – right from wearing black and using good fragrance to meditating and socializing more. And, very certainly, you should do them all to bring about a wholesome change in you.

But the above-mentioned tips promise to deliver you maximum rewards and leave lasting result.

Remember, achieving high, James Bond-like confidence level isn’t difficult. As mentioned, it just demands efforts on your end, which isn’t something many people are ready to commit.

Take action, do something, get active, be fine with that discomfort feeling. You will soon find your confidence in the sky if you persevere in your efforts.

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