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Fighting Monday Blues – How to start your week on a HIGH!

“Dudeeeee…I need at least 6 cups of black coffee today to get over my Monday Blues”


How many times have we heard something like this? Or said something like this? Monday Blues is not a millennial concept. Coming back from a weekend is always tough since the body and mind need to be in sync with the routine week ahead, but the problem is the root of the last line – ROUTINE! Some people like it, most youngsters hate it. It becomes difficult to get the maximum out of ourselves on a Monday and hence, it poses a very interesting challenge.

This piece goes out to all those bosses and HR Managers, team leaders and even team members to take active steps to make Mondays more interesting and productive. Here are my top 3 tips and tricks:

1. Remove the RUT from the RoUTine: Workplaces across the globe keep doing interesting stuff on Monday to make sure employees are looking forward to it. Be it a team lunch or a fun bonding activity or just a simple plan of watching a Game of Thrones episode in the board room after office hours, sometimes we need to give more reasons to look forward to a Monday.

2. Balance everyone’s Energy Levels: One person might look forward to a Monday, while the other might detest it. One person comes after the best breakfast of his life and the other just had a horrible morning. The energy levels are different and hence, the productivity differs. A very good tactic to tackle this is to host a Monday Morning Breakfast with the team. Having food together is not only a motivation to look forward to the day, but it also gets everyone’s energy balanced. Do it this Monday and you will see the difference.

3. Sharing Space: Sometimes, stories get your mind to work more freely. How about starting the week with a round of discussion of how the weekend was? Discuss the fun stuff, discuss who is still hungover, laugh it out. Get the energies in place and get going for the week ahead!

Know someone with similar blues, or a boss? Get them to read these tips!

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