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Is decision making a challenge for you? This is how you can decide faster.

Decision making is a science. It is the skill of making the best choice by identifying a decision among a set of alternatives, to achieve the organizational goals/objectives within a given time and budget.

In the words of a famous life coach, your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent and committed decision.

Decision making skills are imperative in all life situations, it is rightly said “your life is the sum of your decisions”.

It is very likely that the given set of options/alternatives may make one feel confused in the decision making process. Do not worry, let’s learn how to be more decisive without feeling too overwhelmed.

Today, we bring into spotlight the factors that can guide you in the decision making process-

1. Jot down- The golden rule of effective decision making is to write down all important decisions on a piece of paper. Writing things down is the first step in which your brain transforms from utter chaos to the first stage of organization. Writing things down helps you prioritize and keeps your tasks visible so that you have access to important decisions whenever necessary. This clarity enables a higher level of thinking leading to a more focussed approach.

2. What, why and how- Your first focus should be on what you want? Be as specific as possible. Having a clarity on what you want will automatically lead you to the reasons on why you want it. Knowing that you are in control on what and why of the situation will as a matter of course devise ways on how to achieve it? Knowing the what, why and how will help you make your decisions easier and easier to stick to.

3. Be realistic- All decisions are based on the theory of probability. Even if one has rationally analyzed the probable outcomes of the decisions, the future events cannot be foreseen with hundred percent clarity. Your decisions may or may not have an absolute total certainty.

4. Have clarity- It is most likely that your decision will entail lots of outcomes and not just one. Select the option that gives you the greatest certainty to reach your desired goals/objectives.

5. Create a plan- Once you have selected your best option, devise a plan with clear steps. Carry out your plan.

6. Rate your decision- Last but not the least, measure the results. Look into the pitfalls and assess your merits. How would you rank your decision? What steps did you take? Did you meet the desired outcomes? What were the lessons learnt? The answers to these questions will give an important insight into strengthening your decision making skills.

There is no doubt that the ability to make good decisions and stick to them is the core of good management and leadership skills but one should not forget that good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions. So, don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.

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